Hello, my name is Theodore Hanein and this is my personal website. I am a chemist/chemical process engineer who applies a wide range of computational and laboratory techniques to solve engineering problems. I am currently working as a research asssociate (post-doc) in the department of Material Science & Engineering at the University of Sheffield. My current work focuses on two distinct areas: 1) reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption of cement manufacture, and 2) mitigating obesity and diabetes in society by reducing the sugar content in soft drinks. During my PhD, I was part of the £3.3M Green Concrete Project undertaken at the University of Aberdeen; my work involved producing novel low-carbon cement formulations and processes using oil and gas by-products. In a group of more than 20 members, I was responsible for architecting 3 sets of successful pilot scale production trials (costing in excess of £100,000) of various novel cement clinkers. Working on projects in multi-national teams and with various globally-renowned industrial and academic partners has enabled me to develop effective relationships with experts in my field. I have also had several opportunities to present complex concepts and projects on global stages.